Avoid clutter, especially in the central part of the house

You will disrupt the flow of life energy if the interior layout cluttered home. Acting like a heart, the center of the house has been linked to the health of the people living in it. Therefore, it must create a positive energy, creating flow throughout.

Trees help improve energy, things that in the flat, square such as coffee tables made of stone, stimulates the movement of energy should be put at the center position. Beside, put the picture of family happiness, or fountains, wind chimes…..

Balance and harmony house

The harmony and balance in the house will add energy for the home. Color, light and scent will help create harmonious feelings and do what each person of. With the meaning of each color, we can choose the color to suit each space.

Red keep energy filled, but should be limited in the bedroom if you want to consider this place to stay. Orange can bring new vitality to appropriate for kitchens and children’s playroom.

Everyone has their own tastes in a setting, furnished living room. However, beauty parlor and science of FengShui is indispensable:


Living room will harmonizes with soothing colors, stimulating fun and relax. Lemon yellow is the color of happiness, encouraging creativity. This color is also suitable for use in offices and kitchens.

Blue has healing effects and soothing colors, so it was appropriate for the space hotel, sleep, help us innovate and have balance. Blue has healing effects and mentally relax, stay calm. Purple is the color of elegance … Combined with relaxing scents will have positive effect on human health.

A living room of the positive energy cheerful and eliminate negative energy of busy will welcome luck and prosperity into your home.

To guestrooms fresh, you should change the interior layout of six months. Place the items in the room should be determined by fengshui compass science. Direction furniture set that affect the level of health, love, your wealth, so please refer to expert opinion for your own case.

Another important point of the living room is the provision of wealth. According to fengshui science, if there is a door that lie in supply will lead to a decline in prosperity. Take note of this when considering purchasing a new design for home.

Guestrooms are very imbalanced where science of fengshui because often receive different energies passing. To keep this place is always full of healthy energy and prosperity, you can refer to some of the ways to maintain the flow of gas (positive energy), and disarmament Ta Engineering (negative energy) as follows:

  • Refresh the wall: The walls have key roles to bring color to the room, as well as a great backdrop for these items. Therefore, these bright shades of gray, beige, turquoise, blue … usually favored. The colors of the living room colors are important in bringing a joyful atmosphere instead of sadness, sluggishness…
  • Rearrange furniture: Living up on the ground floor and not directly opposite the main door. Ideally, there is a lobby area or hanging painting before entering the room. To the guests feel welcome, should not put furniture out the front door with his back. Instead, the sofa should have his back against the wall position, or have a solid table with a view of the landscape.
  • Living room space is so negative, chairs have firm back support. Furniture should be arranged so that both users and the power source can be moved very easily, ventilated room required and received plenty of sunlight.

Note to getaway

The bedroom is where we spend a lot of time to rest, so it is very important for health. The simple everyone knows, that is, to restrict the electrical equipment in the bedroom, where the bed away from the devices such as televisions, computers etc….or some office equipment should not carry on bedroom as a printer, copier or all kind of the best paper shredder


Similarly, metal objects should not be located near. Leg posture is not straight to the door, because this is the direction of the coffin, very taboo. In addition, side the bed is not facing the mirror. When sleep that saw the mirror, causing a sense of insecurity. In the absence of the mirror switch, then use the cloth, or materials with which to cover it.

Decorations the things that healthy and stimulating energy

Dragon is a symbol of health, but should not be placed in the bedroom. Because it has so much energy, in the bedroom will cause restlessness, anxiety. Wind chimes have bad gas dispel effects, capture and grow more fresh air, so often used in the home. They can be put in the position of doors, windows, or the position at the airflow.


Dragon turtles cure is a symbol of solidity and longevity, usually placed in the rear position, meaningful support people living in the home. Rabbit and Turtle also help improve health and bring good luck and long life. Our material also depends on the landlord under the law of the five elements, example people destined Jupiter should choose wooden rabbit or turtle.

Gallery fortune jar you can preserve all their assets. Use a small glass jar (metal or ceramic are) put in that many gemstones or crystals. Then place the bottle in accordance with operating area that you are using.

If the glass jar ceramic containers many gems, under average operating in Turkey you should put in the cupboard under the corner of the bedroom Turkey, is the Southwest corner. Northeast Corner also unacceptable, average metal also the angular West or Northwest.

You should put the bottle into the secret place, for example in the bedroom closet. Note average wealth is not facing the main door, as this represents the loss of money or property. Also do not let anyone see your average fortune.

You may refer to this website



A beautiful garden is a space with the harmony of composition, color, arrangement and impressively detailed, contributing to the bright colors of the exterior of the house.


Currently, with the architecture of townhouses, home subdivision is characterized by small area, so to create a spacious garden as you want really is not easy, but not impossible. Just a little creativity, plus the initial investment, you will own yourself a beautiful courtyard and impressive.

  1. Flexibility

If the area is not large enough to plant your garden right in the middle ground, then you can use the smart pots to hang them on the shores of the fence. That will make a difference as accents for your garden and create conditions to help you flexibility during transport and care.

  1. Save space

The creation of decorative plates on the wall will help you save space, suitable for garden with small area. You can mount on wall paintings carry slightly wild, or the beautiful statue to create the wild garden.

  1. Water reflect everything

It would be refreshing and lively if you cleverly put in your house with the water surface will help reflect everything around us and this is how to create harmony between the country and the relatively green tree in your living space.

  1. Create highlight

You can create a focal point for the garden by adding a piece of furniture that used to drink tea, play chess entertainment, or arrange a landscape, or a lovely swing. If your garden still gaps, try to putthe best family tent for a sense of adventure for the whole family picnic on the weekends.

  1. Barriers


In addition to helping your garden becomes more impressive than, the barrier also plays a very important role for the exterior of your home exterior. There are many types of beautiful fence to choose from, however, if you want more eye-catching, you can use the vines, or plant flowers next to it. Make sure you will have a dream garden.

The best way is to plant trees in the fenced and separated them into the gaps … This article helps you design a garden to avoid a lot of time taking care of it, so you can buy the smaller crop to have be molded shape of the tree is better to buy large tree …

I will show you 6 steps finishing a yard, garden

The yard and garden have particularly important role for the activities of each family, it is a place for people to relax,snooze, organize gatherings, landscape layout….. Therefore, it occupies a part of shortage in residential architecture. So how to have a beautiful yard, fit the space of the house, here I will consult you 6 steps:

Step 1: Select locations

Most courts are located close to home but not to stay. A home if the place could bring a dry place in private. On the other hand, if you intend to use for eating at home, place it as close as possible kitchen.

Step 2: Moderate size

A yard garden for a family can small and cozy. If in the future there crowded gatherings, you should ensure the field can contain many people. Is there any way to calculate the area is put the tables and chairs on the front lawn and see where you need really is.

How to divide the space without making them smaller? Lead you only need a simple design, but also to change materials and add a little color pitch to avoid monotony. You can plant trees in areas divided between the two materials….

Step 3: Choose material

Brick, concrete and stone wall tiles are the most popular exterior for home, stand-alone or in combination with each other. When selecting a certain material, consider the external factors so that it suits your home style. And if you regularly used as a place to eat, choose a flat place to keep the tables and chairs are not differences.

Step 4: Select the detail

A yard garden can be a piece of concrete or stone slabs simple. But to create an outdoor living space most effectively, you need to add amenities like light, landscaping, fountains … depending on your needs and your style.

  • Be careful when you choose the colors

You choose what color shade? Traditionally, you should choose the color that the cardboard or mixed with natural tones of the surrounding garden, which was creamy, light blue and green. If you follow the modern trend, you can select a color contrasting with the surrounding natural color. You can choose gray, black, red and purple … If you are not sure of the correct color, be painted on pieces of paper drafts long accordance shades you choose, and place them around the garden to see if they have such reviews or other reviews you.

Step 5: Select builders

If you want to try a small project, consider the main building on your home ground. The more complex projects, especially those requiring large concrete pour, need to consult the professionals.

Step 6: Conduct a tree planting


Landscaping plants and flowers help blend with the rest of the house or garden. Whether simple or complex, the home will increase your excitement when you’re out there.

  • Changing the height of the crop

The secret garden is under the canopy of tree crops should have different heights and are also grown detached. This piece of garden combines subtle mix of plants with different height…. You will not have to spend much time and money to care for your crops so the impact of plants in the garden is great.

Life is so busy that you do not have much time to take a little beauty to the house, particularly the external courtyard garden.So to build a beautiful back garden has recently nottake your time tocare you may refer to this website for more information.



The kitchen where cooking with a variety of different foods such as vegetables, fruit or meat, fish, shrimp, … you should bring its own characteristics in terms of poor hygiene and mixed flavor during processing. In addition, Hydro-being also the place to touch fire should entail problems cleanup and safe, quite complex. Therefore, in view of old, the key here is not considered formal, kitchen furniture that time almost no presence of the word “beautiful”, mainly designed to facilitate the operation.


Today, things are different when the standard of living of people are upgrading, should also be more focused kitchen, kitchen furniture so that improved, more beautiful, neat, delicate and easier to use.

It can be divided into several categories such as modern kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture industry for kitchen, restaurant or factory, the family kitchen interior also divided according to area homes as small kitchen furniture, interior large and luxurious kitchen, or furniture style kitchen bar, family types, … quite diverse. Besides, the kitchen is now also used a space to accommodate the family medical instruments as bandages, medications, health records…

With the city, so most have a limited area of the kitchen now also be “of allowing” a multi-feature to take advantage of the space, so the interior design How to fit kitchen conveniently manipulated , safe, clean, neat, beautiful and fengshui has also not easy.

Improved beautiful furniture inexpensive kitchen

You love beautiful space, like the comfort and you also want to make the repairs around your home. You want to refurbish their kitchen so that better and have more features. But your expenses do not spend too much on it you want done with a lower cost to the kitchen. You can choose for themselves a good interior space kitchen with the following our solutions.

Changes furnished kitchen with kitchen cupboards

With a small budget and not do too much work, you can change a kitchen furnished by refreshing your kitchen appearance with hardware replacement. This is a great way to experiment with the color detail gold jewelry in the kitchen before prepared more expensive things like cock…

If you really want to change your preferences, you can try replacing the doorknobs, kitchen cabinet like a handle. This beautiful furniture kitchen related a bit to drill, screw but could complete the weekend.

Change kitchen cabinets to fit better. With beautiful furniture ideas kitchen you can upgrade the kitchen cabinets and can save more because it will not be too expensive, you can open shelves will not tear down the kitchen cabinets, try the steps, which is detachable some in the upper cabinet door. Now, you can use them to display these beautiful things that you love and wish people were seen entering the kitchen. That would make beautiful furniture to your kitchen become more innovative.

Prepare the beautiful furniture for your kitchen


Tall kitchen cabinets repainted on this idea immediately will give your kitchen a whole new look and more charismatic. The amount of work to do well at, you just repaint kitchen cabinets overhead portion only.

Do not forget the value of a good paint job. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can make even the search room oldest and most tired. A fresh coat of paint is not expensive, so why not start your kitchen remodeling by slapping on a new coat?

On behalf of the cupboard, with this change it will make a difference to your kitchen with fantastic colors of the kitchen inside. You can own the most beautiful dresser, secretly attracted the attention of visitors with beautiful furniture of his kitchen. If you have high aesthetic decoration, the changes will make the kitchen and create a unique style for you.

Change kitchen ceiling is also an idea many people choose and perform. The kitchen will become more fun, more eye-catching with beautiful furniture kitchen ceiling and when changing the color of the floor, if you can decorate the kitchen with your favorite colors, you can create give your kitchen a distinctive stamp makes much loved and entering his kitchen. If your pocketbook quite you can go shopping for the best induction cooktop with cheap priceinclude one element or two elements for your kitchen more luxury!

You can decorate the kitchen furnished with dark pink floor and ceiling light with color of the floor thus creating a harmonious whole kitchen. You can also choose to add these items to decorate the kitchen as curtains fan or wind pretty small bells to the kitchen can become cuter. The kitchen can also become softer with a comfortable space. What are you waiting for you to get your hands on beautiful furnishing your home?

Please pay attention to the light. Light must be able to make all the difference in the world. Pay attention to the importance of light as project planning your kitchen remodeling.

Do not forget to pay attention to the whole picture. While a kitchen remodeling project included many different factors, including the selection of new equipment, beautiful kitchen cabinets, etc., it is important not to lose the big picture.

Consider new texture and color to your table. The table is probably the most visible part of a kitchen remodeling project. Consider your table up with new colors and textures, like black marble or sparkling white tile.

That’s true with any remodeling project, of course, but a good design, detailed planning is particularly important when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Whether you’re planning to do it or to use the help of a professional, your first step will be to work out a plan that will solve three key criteria kitchen: preparations food processing, storage, and cleaning. Let’s refer to this website to know more information about interior design your kitchen.