My name’s Kenny, I was born in 1989 graduated in Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.

Modern life is increasingly domestic demand as well as each person’s lifestyle also changes the structure, condominium projects, housing, commercial centers hotels and restaurants mushroomed to improve Games, in tune with the modern urbanization and integration, business offices are also focused on image and impress customers and increase the recognition and creating a foundation for business operations. That is the reason the interior design profession was born to meet the needs of living, quality of life and express lifestyle of the owner.

What is different interior design with the architects?


With the separation of work and professional persons other architects who designed the interior, while architects are drawing the general lines of the overall architectural space, the interior design is real people detailed examination within the overall architectural drawings which include the functional areas of the room, color combinations, choose decorations, arranging living facilities to simultaneously calculate the material construction, choosing collaboration with the construction company and provide construction materials for finishing works and projects as simulations, drawing and image result is a living space full of solemn, reasonable, beautiful and artistic, create a sense of warmth and intimacy with many interior materials impressive and unique.

Therefore, the interior designer must be able to understand the new trends, new materials besides creativity and the aesthetic is required of the profession of interior design and interior design practice.

The skills necessary to craft strong and rapid development in the field of interior design

Firstly, the factor that designer should have high aesthetic. Ability to coordinate color and spatial layout as well as the design of materials that must ensure harmony with the overall architecture it bring to the works of high art is what will determine whether you may be a professional interior population or not.

Secondly, the factor is as important as creativity, ability to observe, explore and learn new trends, new materials of the world to ensure clients always brings the most fashionable designs , trendiest.

So that, this website I set up to showcase the interior design form to the hot interior design today and share the experience and the knowledge of myself about interior design.

So please refer to my site to have the appropriate choice for your own house.


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