1. Smart versatile bed for small house


For many families, a family that mostly immigrants and resettled in big cities or city students to study, work, housing has always been a matter of major concern. Crowded, to rent or buy a spacious apartment quite difficult. So they accept rent or buy small apartments with living area quite cramped for shelter. The smart interior products such as multifunction intelligent bed will help them get the minimum living things without taking up much room in the house.

Bed is a very popular item in most homes. We serve the needs of people sleeping after a day of work to re-energize. With a big house, the bed is not equipped with an issue. And the small house, then how have room bed is? Now versatile intelligent bed will help them solve this problem.

With a design quite convenient and versatile, combining with other objects bed, a bookshelf, dresser, desk or even a sofa, this product gives small houses full of living space just enough neat and convenient.

These products are designed quite diverse in style, color, material consistent with the needs and budget of every customer.


These versatile smart bed also is a model tailored to suit the owner’s house since many houses there are quite special corner hard bed without statistics vary slightly in designs . In the morning, the bed was folded to return the airy room. At night, just the landlord made a gentle manipulation, lying against the wall cabinet will become a spacious bunk bed, comfortable without having to move anything. Consequently, smart multifunction beds are now very much comfortable living spaces your home have not been as widely expected.

Currently this product is much furniture company distribute. You can refer to many diverse product samples at the site as

2. Dining table – Smart furniture


According to you, where is the location important in your house? Most of them said it was the living room. Typically, the living room has always been part owner, quite meticulously decorated and elaborately. Not only it is the face of the house but also represents employers. However, there is an important position that many of us often overlook that is the kitchen. Whether the final period of a house but the kitchen is a place keep their nest. A furniture piece role is particularly important in the “hold fire” is the dining table. The main dining table is where the gathering, where mounted members of the family after a hard day. But today’s reality is one area of ​​the apartment is usually quite limited, a kitchen area and interpret it to be narrowed. However, the modern housewife has tried equipped with a decent kitchen so by using the smart interior items. In there, the smart dining table is an example.

How is the smart dining table? The dinner table intelligent what role for the interior space? This must be the first question appears to those who first heard of smart furniture such as dining table. Regarding the design, functionality, this table is the same as the traditional dining table with 1 table, 4-6 chairs, is often prescribed in the kitchen. However creative point of this smart dining table is the flexibility, convenience of use. For those of ordinary table, you need a large space to be furnished and often fixed at a certain position. So for those apartments is quite modest area, the dining table equipped with such a pretty inconvenient. Therefore, the table with the ability, scale, folded miraculously born. General, characteristics of the sample table is convenience and save space. Currently, designs smart dining sets are diverse, and meet the many different needs of customers. In which some preferred design:

  1. 2.1 Tables stowed:


When not in use, you can fold up like a closet with chairs is cleverly concealed inside table. Two side tables easily folded or opened when necessary. Thus the need for just a few seconds you have a table with 4 chairs comfortable lovely, this smart dining table suitable for young families withfew members.

  1. 2.2 Table extension:

This arrangement is suitable for families often organize banquets, meetings. Normal table looks like a lovely square table with slim design and elegant. However surface extending table double or triple enough 12 people to sit. Just a manipulation, stretching or pulling 2 table body part on the table to extend the immediate area you have a long dining table is extremely beautiful intelligent and convenient.

  1. 2.3 Dining table ranked wall:


For special small apartment, or dorm room, the students ranked wall arrangement is quite suitable. The design is a flat surface against the wall. When using the table you just pull down is having a lovely table used in all activities as table, desk, or table to widgets. Especially, after use you just face the wall table is tight, absolutely not occupy an area of your kitchen space.

Smart Dining table layout close wall

The intelligent design really is a useful product for modern interior space. As criteria handy, versatile and economical is placed on top, the table’s intelligent smart choice of the modern housewife.

You will enjoy the colorful design fresh, natural wood, the durability of this intelligent table. The intelligent design really is a useful product for modern interior space. As criteria handy, versatile and economical is placed on top, the intelligent table as the smart choice of the modern housewife.

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