How to a small space house and still beautiful? Please study the following measures.
Living in a small area home always makes us feel frustrated and annoyed, because just then and this place, and the other into it or when you think you do not know where to put this one in the house The home is no longer any space anymore. But just because you live in a small space does not mean you have to endure it, try some changes, and you’ll see a huge difference.

Maintaining the neat, tidy and find room to requisition items is almost impossible in a house with a small area. But if you’re creative with furniture, utilizing all available space on a high, and invest a little into useful products, you might discover that you need less space you think.

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1. Bookshelves ceiling

Bookshelves ceilingBookshelves ceiling

Bookshelves ceiling

The space above the sofa to sit home, you used to do? Used to hang some pictures or insert a bookshelf right? So you’ve never thought of taking advantage of the maximum space with a shelf above the ceiling yet?

Space above the furniture can be utilized in a smart way by installing racks are hung ceiling damage. You can use them to display books, pictures or other items that you use daily or not (because every time you take them back to the north stairs). All this cost does not take less space of your home at all – because they make use of wasted space only. Of course, it is suitable with all the rooms in the house.

2. Small Dining Tables
You do not have a separate dining room or even a space to show kitchen table is not enough. So how to have a reasonable angle to the family eat here?

What do you think about using a small wooden table behind the long sofa in the living room? And only the small millet few more chairs, so you have a dining table and ideal. Even here there is a pretty neat when you display a snack or a drink and sit back to watch television, to hand out after that was able to take it easy now.
3. Rack in the corner
If you look around your house, then you will be shocked to see all the corners are not used, although it has a wealth of space. The installation of the racks in the corner will not only help you take advantage of the space, but sometimes it also became the focal point for your home decoration.

Rack in the corner
Rack in the corner

Rack in the corner

The different corner is sometimes not utilized to do anything, so let’s try to use it to make your corner of the closet.
4. Bedside

If you cramped bedroom house that does not have space to put “”> bedside cabinet to be able to put a few books, the lamp, glasses, phone etc. Every once reading is finished you have to dim the bookshelf to store or dispose of them around to the ground, how can “lazy” a bit before going to sleep here?

Then think about the price pretty small for the corner like this. It still has enough functions as a dresser to the bed, just as it can’t accommodate more like a cupboard only.
5. Bed cum small table tea
The versatile furniture, and should always be the first choice of the small area. The bed cum small table tea is actually not a bad idea for your family. It could be the home bed for your kid, or the sudden guest visit.


Bed cum small table tea

During the day, it will be a pretty small tea table for the living room, and at night, it turns into a perfect single bed.
6. Sliding door
A small house that area too much walls will cause immediate sense of mystery stuffy and uncomfortable. But you think if there is one sliding door may be opened, closed in? When you need private space is closed, and you do not need it opens? Just meet the open space helps the transient, just maintaining personal space of each member of the family, right?

Sliding door

Sliding door

Maintaining a private space, in the time you needed this door still response the requirements of an open space for the modern home.
7. Prices inside hanging cabinets

Usually we have or to map inside the drawer, but usually, the spaces above the drawer will not be used to hold anything!

You can do this as a small price in the drawers for storage. This helps utilize the space though tiny, has helped other indoor spaces not occupied.

8. Price / shelf hanging over the sink
Not only applies in the bathroom, you can apply in the kitchen anymore. But the price / small shelf can be used to place a few small items like lotion, perfume etc.

A tiny price cap on the sink can’t help too much, but you still can take advantage of to hold razors, cleanser so if your bathroom does not have enough space to install some lockers.

Or if you like this idea, what ye easier to fall apart then you can play into a compartment and then drape the walls only.

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