1. Chain Together: The glass-walled living space makes intertwined. That’s the way you bring nature into their lives almost over.
  2. Bring the sea come to your home: A little soul in the sea will create new shades. Take a few pieces of shells string again, with ropes braided lanyard making curtains or presents few notes starfish on windowsills. We will carry echoes of the sea in the house.
  3. Create Highlights: If you decorate the room with many different objects, choose one the most prominent factors that shape the style for all the remaining items.
  4. Fill the blank walls with pictures: Pick out a wall, not every wall in the house, for example along the stairs or in a certain room. Hanging pictures with different sizes. Do not pay attention to the color and frame style. You just need to hang his hobby
  5. Put the table beside your bed: Instead of a cabinet traditional beside your bedside, small table type select nested three floors. The top floor is home to reading lights, floors two and three ratings books with simple design of this type help desk tidy bed corner more elegant.
  6. Combines interior disproportionate: Standards typically decorated furniture layout symmetrical and identical. However, a little improvisation alternative can create new features. Try millet two bedside tables difference both in style and substance. Who knows, they help the room look better.
  7. Play with light: Lamps are not only functional but also have additional lighting of decorative, architectural accent for the home. You can hide the bulbs in the rear wall or cabinets, shelves. Light casts a pleasant feeling, not dazzling, while highlighting the architectural shapes. You should use lights with yellow light to add decorative effects.
  8. Choose some plants or flowers for your house: Should put the flower pots with vibrant colors such as lilies, coins, carnations … where the living room or dining room. Bright colors will bring bright feeling to the room.
  9. Shells classic style: Put the sink on an old wooden cabinet extra fancy carved mirrors. Your bathroom will style classic oriental.
  10. Draw pictures on the wall: No need to be an artist, you can still decorated the walls of the house. Use brush or spray paint to draw the strange shape preference. More simply, can cut piece formed mousse flowers, dipped in paint and print on the wall.
  11. Stretching the narrow space:

When the furniture is designed for small apartments, to create a major transportation route, can travel to all areas of the home without winding through furniture or bookshelf. You should also take advantage of the dead in the corner to make the storage or mini angle work. Preferably, an area of ​​modest houses should open style layout, living room, dining room and kitchen together in a common space. The wall separated by the familiar can be replaced with glass walls, a curtain or shelves … If not to use for partition, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics and cleanliness of the area, especially the kitchen. Furniture in the area should be consistent in order to create a feeling of harmony and comfort in mind.


With apartments like this, using paint, wallpaper or furniture with bright and neutral colors as well as simple ways to help fool the vision to create a broader feel for space house.

To create the illusion that the house larger, use light colors.

  1. Colors opposition: orange, purple, red and green are the colors always antithetical. But to make the way out, you can try combining them together, we will bring surprising effects.
  2. Oriental charm: This style is more and more young master and personality preference. Spread a Kashmiri carpet woven under the living room chair or hang a red silk curtain, point a few ornaments like statues, temple models … You will be immersed in the mysterious oriental space.
  3. The magic shelves:

Have you ever seen the shelves glove shaped like a ladder yet? Just put a few pieces of wood together, you will have a unique style shelves. Can I use the shelves to display map memories, ranked CD, the presentation, some books … depending on your preference.

  1. Combine classic and modern: Mix up a few old items with items of modern style to create a new beauty. For example, you can combine the chair with the glass table and stainless steel table legs … Material rattan make modern materials become softer.
  2. Fresh flower petal colors: Bring bright colors, full of flavor at home by summer items in greenery. Several floral print pillows will make your sofa more vivid. Ministry cotton curtains showy flowers will brighten up the living space.
  3. The highlight for room corners: Do not forget the empty corner. Let’s turn them into corners where sitting relaxing or intimate conversation. Statistics a small table and two chairs, you have a place to read, drink coffee is ideal.
  4. Use of raw materials: The furnishing items made from raw materials especially suited to public areas such as the family dining room, kitchen or living room, such as a piece of furniture rattan wicker, rustic wooden tables, ceramic vases … It is homely, simple, contributes to an intimate and warm.
  5. Bring warm feeling for white room: The room used white as the main colors often feels cold. Please add the decorations with many different colors to the room more lively. Vases purple, colorful tablecloth, bonsais … will create lovely accents.
  6. Country Style: parquet floor, combined with a simple interior design will create a friendly setting, comfortable home. If you choose a country Vietnam, you need to add a counter, the rustic style defense. Can be combined with the decorative materials made from ceramic, bamboo … European style often combines wood with patterned fabrics large, striped or checkered with bright colors.

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